A belle, a bean and a Chicago dog asked me to partake in her latest activity of writing a love letter using my latest comments from my posts. I then link with her and list the other participants using this button:
So this is my hopeful attempt at writing a random love letter. Enjoy!

Dear You Guys,

Franticmommy here! You were the post above me at Scary Mommy. First, I loved your handle. THEN I read your comment about feeling run down etc. And how you don’t rest EVER. DITTO. Me either. And I think we should change that (I’m not sure I even know how to relax!). We have something in common beside our names! Then I read your post and I want you to know You. Are. SO. NORMAL. I’ve been there. Not all that long ago either. Heck, I’m probably still there! I live in Minnesota and winters tend to get lllooonngg. It’s Fall here now so we are heading into what I call “4 months of captivity”. I’ve noticed in our family, the more we are under each others feet, the more tempers get short, I get cranky and snappy, which usually leads to the rest of the family being the same way. Money is uber tight here too. We are down to one income. BUT I made it my mission to “find adventure” as often as possible. Cheap or free adventure. The more we are out moving around (distracted) the less time we have to get on each others nerves. Fun doesn’t have to cost money. We walk at parks, made it a goal to visit a new playground every weekend, and even started attending church on Sunday. You are not alone, you just need to tap into a new circle of friends. Sometimes we become like a record with a scratch. Our “needle” get stuck in the groove and just plays over and over. Pop that needle out of the groove and go find a new adventure this weekend. ((HUGS))

I hear people say “Oh, I just can’t imagine what my life would be without the kids!” Really? I imagine it all the time…

I don’t wish I didn’t have kids, but man do I often long for the way life used to be without them. Oh the sleeping. and the calm…. and the quiet… and the lack of “no! stop! don’t! ACHHHHLLKKK!”
You’re so not alone

You have my sympathy! One thing I gave up on was ironing. My husband travels so he has to iron his own when he unpacks. But I hardly ever iron. And since laundry is never removed or folded promptly, a lot of the time our clothes look like some sort of topographical map. We are the Wrinkle Girls!

This is really important. Thank you for the gentle reminder about priorities and that our actions (or lack thereof) affect others. Good for you– I’m impressed!
btw, I found you through scary mommy!

I pray that it goes well & lots of funds are raised for this very worthwhile cause.

I’m sorry did I just read 10 lbs 2.25 oz???!!! Of course the last 8 years went fast, he was half grown when he was born!!!
Maybe not quite… but apparently you’re a wonderful baby maker.
Love the 3 year old cone head picture, and the lanky boy jammin’ with daddy.
My oldest turned 9 last week and yes, it goes much too fast. The first year I was so excited for each milestone it seemed like she’d never start walking or talking, and then suddenly it all started happening too fast and there’s no brake pedal.

Aww, how exciting and terrifying at the same time! I hope he enjoyed his day.

Love Mary