I have often wondered how we all survived when choices were limited and activities less available. Did we know what we were missing? Were we aware that there was so much untapped choice out there? Or did we actually enjoy the time we had to do the list of activities/hobbies that were available?

Also have we become lazier through having more choice? The increasing use of technology has certainly made the next generation lazy with their spelling and their oral communication. I had this thought confirmed to me when reading the rather funny comments on a status by ScaryMommy , a fantastic lady whose blog I’ve been following to help inspire me and reassure me that life with three children is not so bad. The comment was that maybe we were all old because we didn’t understand the lingo. Nope I can assure you that at 27 I am not old, I just like to use my brain occasionally to speak and write a FULL sentence.

When I awoke this morning I had the thought that technology is making us lazy further confirmed to me by this article in the Telegraph. And it turns out that having too many choices is quite possibly making us ill, and the children more hyper! Granted yes without technology I would now be minus this blog and all the wonderful friends I have made through it and the many social networking sites out there. But I can assure you I would not be bored. I’d be off actually doing some of the many jobs on my list, or even gardening, knitting, reading a book or finishing the rug off that I started when pregnant with my eldest 9 years ago!

So what have I learnt from all of this? To turn the TV and computer off more often and make the most of family time by actually doing something together. By making the most of the technology free time by finishing some of the many projects I have started but ran out of time to finish. By learning a new skill and actually becoming a master at it. What will you do with your free time?