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Another Year Older

Well that’s me another year older and what have I really achieved since my last birthday? Well I suppose my middle one started school this week, my youngest is now one, I have started an Open Uni course and I am now knee deep in washing, ironing, general housework, toys and things to do.  But what have I achieved for me?   There’s always the extra stress lines, the fewer hours of sleep and the feeling that this is it for the next few years. Me as a full time Mum, housewife, Avon Rep, Body Shop Consultant, general slave/dogsbody to the masses and everything in between.  The few snatched minutes I do get are often spent in the toilet hiding from one or the other of the children. lol

So how have I spent my day? Did I get a lie in? A cup of tea in bed? lots of lovely home-made cards and presents from my kids and husband and a day off of being mummy/wife etc? Nope still waiting on that to begin.  The children seem to have just played up more, or is it I am just more sensitive to it.  A friend tried to take me out for lunch but between us we had four children and it just ended up feeling like feeding time at the zoo with a very slow food provider.  I know, there is still the evening to come and people say as you get older its more about the children’s birthdays and yours is usually ignored, but why? Why should it be that way? What ever happened to feeling loved, appreciated and being spoilt just a little on the one day of the year that is yours? I really don’t mind getting older as long as it means things are getting calmer and I end up even just a little bit wiser.

Sorry to all my lovely readers because I have just realised that this has just turned into one major moan fest.  I hope that all of you out there who share this day with me have had a nice day and have been spoilt in the best ways possible.  Take care and I will try my best to be in a better mood tomorrow. xx


Children Vs. Snails

School has started again and routine has returned. Or has it?  7 weeks of not being tied down, of long lazy mornings and long exciting evenings has meant that breakfasts now take half an hour, teeth brushing has become a task of the mighty snail and getting dressed doesn’t usually happen until midday.  Even the prospect of seeing their friends again and telling them all that had happened could not speed them up.  That was until the new school bags appeared, each bearing their favourite characters.  Their eyes lit up, their uniforms were donned and P.E. kits were quickly placed into them.  All of a sudden the prospect of going to school seemed brighter. We made it to the gate with minutes to spare and with a quick kiss and cuddle goodbye they turned and ran to their friends.  There they left Mummy with a tear in her eye and a small smile at the thought of an actual hot cup of tea once I got home and the baby was in bed.

So now what to do with myself? what did I do before CBBC reigned and toys cluttered the floor, before it was impossible to see the bottom of the washing basket and dirty dishes permanently cluttered the sides.  I can only hope I can organise myself soon before I get sucked into the time warp that is daytime TV.

First Day of School

As I sit here writing this peace has descended over our house early for the first time in 7 weeks.  Why? Because all three children are in bed early after having a bath/shower, hair, nails and such like done and uniforms laid out for the morning (well the older two’s).  Excitement reins not only from the children but Mummy and Daddy too.  Don’t get me wrong it has been a wonderful summer but the time has now some for normality to return.  Routines make my life a lot easier and we all know where we stand.

Amongst this excitement though there is a tinge of nerves as it is my middle child’s first day at school. Nerves on both hers and my part.   She has been attending the school for nursery but she is now moving up to ‘big school’ with a uniform and everything.  She will only be part time until Christmas but will be a Red jumper in nursery three afternoons a week, a huge privilege for her and her friends, and three whole days for the youngest to have Mummy all to herself.   It has made me realise that its only 3 more years and the youngest will be starting and I will have no excuse for watching the children’s channels during the day and listening to nursery rhyme CD’s.  What will I do with myself then?

All this preparation over the hols for the big return got me wondering how other mothers are coping/feeling.  Also how did my mum cope? Or my husband’s for that matter? Were they elated that we had finally reached that grand age of 5, able to wander out into the wide world of school where strange things are taught to children by other children and hopefully something useful thrown in by the teachers.  Or were they upset to be losing their baby, not knowing how we’d cope, or them for that matter, being away from them and their safety for 6 hours a day.  Do they still remember?

What stories do you all have for the dreaded/awaited first day of school? Your’s and your children’s.

Self Taught Mummy

My 4 year old daughter came to me this morning and asked me to teach her French knitting.  She had been watching me make an I-cord for her baby sister’s wool wrap and was fascinated by how quick and ‘easy’ it looked.  “Teach me pwease Mummy. I wanna be just like you!” she said.  This got me thinking.  What, if anything, did my mum teach me? Or my grandmas for that matter?

I remember a few attempts at teaching me to knit, closely followed by “This is impossible because you are left handed!”  This seemed to be a mantra for my life and I quickly learnt to teach myself the basics.  Since having my lovely children I have taught myself to attempt cross-stitch, knitting and making the occasional bad card.  Even sewing has been badly attempted with things quickly falling apart soon after.  I find myself lacking in particular talent in the general crafty area though and can only hope that my daughters do not follow in my footsteps.  I am continuing to pursue the necessary skills to lead a happy, thrifty, well rounded life as a housewife and mother, which hopefully they will learn along with me.

This makes me wonder further though what are the necessary skills required to pass down from mother to daughter, generation after generation? What skills did I miss out on? Like darning socks? Is this really necessary?  And what about father to son? What skills should be passed down here?

Traditions don’t seem that strong any more and I wonder if this is in part due to the busy lifestyles many of us now lead along with the throw away culture we have been brought up in.  Will things continue this way or are there enough determined Mummies out there to change things for the better?

Spoiling by Grandparents

Spent the day with my Mum and it got me thinking.  Why do the children’s Grandparent’s insist on buying them things they do not need?  Or to make things worse why do they ring and ask me what they need and then go and buy something completely different any way?  I have never known three children have so many toys, books and craft items.  I’m not saying that their gifts are unwanted but when the poor kids have so many things they do not know where to start and what to play with you do have to feel sorry for them.  Gifts are not kept for birthdays and other such events either.  All they have to do is smile sweetly and out pours the money and gifts start arriving.

What’s that? It’s a grandparent’s right I hear you say.  It’s their money so leave them to it? But what do I say when they tell me all about what they’ve bought and then in the next breath they moan they have no money.  Irony?

The topic has arisen on several an occasion with my husband and we have both come to the conclusion that the constant stream of presents has resulted in our lovely ‘angels’ now have an attitude of a throw away nature and a lack of respect for their things.  No care is taken of them, even their most treasured items.  No remorse shown when their baby sister breaks them or they get trodden into the carpet/hoovered up.   Despite constant talks with the children and with the grandparents this continues to be a problem.  With Christmas around the corner things are set to get worse.  What can we truly do?

Hello world!

Well I’ve been convinced to write this blog, but where to start? What am I really considering writing and do I really have the time? Plus would anyone REALLY be interested in my ramblings as a busy mum of three small children aged 7,4 and 1, wife to a busy electrician/poet/author and publisher that is the wonderful Mr Lyvit, housewife, cook, bottle washer and hopefully gentle guidance for the stars of the future (or am I hoping too much?).  Is my ego that big that I believe that others wish to know more about me? I don’t think so but maybe trying to find 5 minutes every few days to talk to you all and hopefully make a few friends along the way will help make me more sane…you sure? ‘cos surely me talking to a computer screen as I type now proves other wise! Oh well if having three kids does nothing but make my life a little interesting and crazy at least I’m busy and trying to smile in the process