I am sat here wondering where the mountain of washing comes from each day. If its not dirty then it needs folding or ironing and just when I think I’ve conquered it and can rest easy there is more hiding around the corner. It seems a never ending cycle and if I dare take a day off it seems to triple by the next day. Does having three active children really have to mean I now live in a laundry?

I would hate to imagine how much it would all cost if I had to take it to the launderette. Currently there are two loads upstairs to wash, one in the machine, two on the line, one to fold, three to put away and a huge pile of ironing. Plus I can’t remember the last time I successfully managed to strip the beds completely and air them all whilst washing the bedding. And don’t mention the curtains etc!

I envy all those mums out there who manage to keep immaculate houses, work, spend time with their children, cook home made meals and have a hobby or quality time to themselves. If you know anyone like that or even if you are what are the secrets? please could you share even if it helps just a small bit. I’m currently drowning under smelly socks and crumpled uniforms.