Today is my eldest’s 8th Birthday and it has got me wondering where on earth those years have gone. So much has happened not only to him but all of us in those years and out lives have changed in many ways.

I could list some ways in which my life has changed, I could write for days about everything that has happened to all of us, but this day is Monkey 1’s day and therefore this post is dedicated to him.

Monkey 1 was born on the 19th September 2002 weighing in at 10lbs 2.25oz. He was the end product of a pregnancy that saw me spending more time in hospital than out, mainly because I kept going into labour and they needed to stop it. I am a diabetic and as a result of him being a wonderful surprise I was not controlled well before getting pregnant and this added to the problems as well as his weight.

This is him at 24hours old. Isn’t he scrummy?

As the years have gone by and he has grown as well as learnt new things, practised old things and given Mummy much to be proud of him for.
He’s three here and a cheeky monkey too.

He now has two little sisters and Mummy has very little time to spend solely with him. Suddenly I looked up this morning and realised that my little monkey is now a big monkey and fast approaching the teenage years, the years where the attitude starts, he starts to need me less and less and its uncool to kiss your Mum in public let alone tell her you love her. I really must make sure I absorb as much of this young man as I can before he gets to this stage and his favourite phrase becomes ‘Life’s not fair’.

Does anyone else feel that you blink and 8 years have passed?