On Saturday 18th September I will be participating in a mass ladies only moonlight walk in aid of The Precious Lives Appeal.  This is a local charity that are raising money to build the first children’s hospice in the county and I wish to help them as much as I can.  The trouble is I have tried to get people to sponsor me through the usual roots like talking about it and putting it as my facebook status, but I have found that most just ignore me or complain that they have no money spare.  What makes me laugh though is the next time I see them they are usually ‘wasting’ their money on things that surely aren’t necessary.  I’m not saying that we should all stop having luxuries or doing things that cost money but surely a spare £1 or two is not too much to ask? Especially seeing it’s a one off thing and it is for a very worthy cause that may just help out a family that you may know.

Despite not raising any money so far I will still be going and I will be wearing my t-shirt with pride.  Come heavy rain or clear starry skies I will be there in memory of all those loved ones that have touched my life in some way, no matter how small, walking with my head held high (and hopefully a warm jumper on underneath).

Does anyone else feel that no matter what they do people have developed the knack of ignoring you and giving you the obligatory nod before changing the subject? I don’t do much for charity as usually I do not have the time but occasionally something touches my heart and I just have to help.

So no matter where you are in the world if you would like to help out a very worthy cause, and provide the many numbers of children in need then please please click below. Thank you xx