I have often wondered how mum’s from days gone by managed to do everything with so much ease.  They managed to keep a spotless house, raise a hoard of lovely, well-mannared children, made loads of  yummy home cooked food, grew all their own veg and even made their own clothes.  Things were ‘harder’ then too with the conveniences of today not available.  More cleaning was done by hand with even the ‘hoovering’ done by sweeping, and things llike scrubbing the front step, something I don’t think I have ever done.   Skills were passed down from generation to generation, all with slight adaptions to help make them better.  Skills like knitting, darning, baking, gardening and sewing. Skills I wish I had been taught when I was younger so that I could now pass on the family’s secrets and skills to my daughters (and son).

I envy the mum’s of the past in some ways because they always appeared to be happy, although I am sure that actually they would have probably wished their lives were easier.  Nowadays I never seem to stop, there is always some demand or other placed on me, I’m needed in so many different places all at once that the house is lucky to get a once over with the hoover and the dishes done daily. Let alone the beds stripped regularly and my husband’s home cooked tea on the table when he gets home from a hard days work.  Is it the so called modern conveniences that make our lives actually harder? Do they actually create more work for us? What do you all think?