Well that’s me another year older and what have I really achieved since my last birthday? Well I suppose my middle one started school this week, my youngest is now one, I have started an Open Uni course and I am now knee deep in washing, ironing, general housework, toys and things to do.  But what have I achieved for me?   There’s always the extra stress lines, the fewer hours of sleep and the feeling that this is it for the next few years. Me as a full time Mum, housewife, Avon Rep, Body Shop Consultant, general slave/dogsbody to the masses and everything in between.  The few snatched minutes I do get are often spent in the toilet hiding from one or the other of the children. lol

So how have I spent my day? Did I get a lie in? A cup of tea in bed? lots of lovely home-made cards and presents from my kids and husband and a day off of being mummy/wife etc? Nope still waiting on that to begin.  The children seem to have just played up more, or is it I am just more sensitive to it.  A friend tried to take me out for lunch but between us we had four children and it just ended up feeling like feeding time at the zoo with a very slow food provider.  I know, there is still the evening to come and people say as you get older its more about the children’s birthdays and yours is usually ignored, but why? Why should it be that way? What ever happened to feeling loved, appreciated and being spoilt just a little on the one day of the year that is yours? I really don’t mind getting older as long as it means things are getting calmer and I end up even just a little bit wiser.

Sorry to all my lovely readers because I have just realised that this has just turned into one major moan fest.  I hope that all of you out there who share this day with me have had a nice day and have been spoilt in the best ways possible.  Take care and I will try my best to be in a better mood tomorrow. xx