School has started again and routine has returned. Or has it?  7 weeks of not being tied down, of long lazy mornings and long exciting evenings has meant that breakfasts now take half an hour, teeth brushing has become a task of the mighty snail and getting dressed doesn’t usually happen until midday.  Even the prospect of seeing their friends again and telling them all that had happened could not speed them up.  That was until the new school bags appeared, each bearing their favourite characters.  Their eyes lit up, their uniforms were donned and P.E. kits were quickly placed into them.  All of a sudden the prospect of going to school seemed brighter. We made it to the gate with minutes to spare and with a quick kiss and cuddle goodbye they turned and ran to their friends.  There they left Mummy with a tear in her eye and a small smile at the thought of an actual hot cup of tea once I got home and the baby was in bed.

So now what to do with myself? what did I do before CBBC reigned and toys cluttered the floor, before it was impossible to see the bottom of the washing basket and dirty dishes permanently cluttered the sides.  I can only hope I can organise myself soon before I get sucked into the time warp that is daytime TV.