As I sit here writing this peace has descended over our house early for the first time in 7 weeks.  Why? Because all three children are in bed early after having a bath/shower, hair, nails and such like done and uniforms laid out for the morning (well the older two’s).  Excitement reins not only from the children but Mummy and Daddy too.  Don’t get me wrong it has been a wonderful summer but the time has now some for normality to return.  Routines make my life a lot easier and we all know where we stand.

Amongst this excitement though there is a tinge of nerves as it is my middle child’s first day at school. Nerves on both hers and my part.   She has been attending the school for nursery but she is now moving up to ‘big school’ with a uniform and everything.  She will only be part time until Christmas but will be a Red jumper in nursery three afternoons a week, a huge privilege for her and her friends, and three whole days for the youngest to have Mummy all to herself.   It has made me realise that its only 3 more years and the youngest will be starting and I will have no excuse for watching the children’s channels during the day and listening to nursery rhyme CD’s.  What will I do with myself then?

All this preparation over the hols for the big return got me wondering how other mothers are coping/feeling.  Also how did my mum cope? Or my husband’s for that matter? Were they elated that we had finally reached that grand age of 5, able to wander out into the wide world of school where strange things are taught to children by other children and hopefully something useful thrown in by the teachers.  Or were they upset to be losing their baby, not knowing how we’d cope, or them for that matter, being away from them and their safety for 6 hours a day.  Do they still remember?

What stories do you all have for the dreaded/awaited first day of school? Your’s and your children’s.