Spent the day with my Mum and it got me thinking.  Why do the children’s Grandparent’s insist on buying them things they do not need?  Or to make things worse why do they ring and ask me what they need and then go and buy something completely different any way?  I have never known three children have so many toys, books and craft items.  I’m not saying that their gifts are unwanted but when the poor kids have so many things they do not know where to start and what to play with you do have to feel sorry for them.  Gifts are not kept for birthdays and other such events either.  All they have to do is smile sweetly and out pours the money and gifts start arriving.

What’s that? It’s a grandparent’s right I hear you say.  It’s their money so leave them to it? But what do I say when they tell me all about what they’ve bought and then in the next breath they moan they have no money.  Irony?

The topic has arisen on several an occasion with my husband and we have both come to the conclusion that the constant stream of presents has resulted in our lovely ‘angels’ now have an attitude of a throw away nature and a lack of respect for their things.  No care is taken of them, even their most treasured items.  No remorse shown when their baby sister breaks them or they get trodden into the carpet/hoovered up.   Despite constant talks with the children and with the grandparents this continues to be a problem.  With Christmas around the corner things are set to get worse.  What can we truly do?