Well I’ve been convinced to write this blog, but where to start? What am I really considering writing and do I really have the time? Plus would anyone REALLY be interested in my ramblings as a busy mum of three small children aged 7,4 and 1, wife to a busy electrician/poet/author and publisher that is the wonderful Mr Lyvit, housewife, cook, bottle washer and hopefully gentle guidance for the stars of the future (or am I hoping too much?).  Is my ego that big that I believe that others wish to know more about me? I don’t think so but maybe trying to find 5 minutes every few days to talk to you all and hopefully make a few friends along the way will help make me more sane…you sure? ‘cos surely me talking to a computer screen as I type now proves other wise! Oh well if having three kids does nothing but make my life a little interesting and crazy at least I’m busy and trying to smile in the process